Quicker-BookkeepingTM by Quicker-BookkeepersTM using QuickBooks®

Frequently Asked Questions

QuickBooks FAQWhat are you?

QuickerBookkeepers is a Bookkeeping Service Provider (BSP) that is easier, safer, better, and cheaper than evaluating, hiring, training and managing a local bookkeeper.

How do you work with clients?

We have REAL PEOPLE - bookkeepers and accountants (who are dedicated account managers) - who COMMUNICATE with you using phone, video chat, email, text & more, and ACCESS your data using proven (used by millions of U.S. businesses) Cloud-based applications (QuickBooks online, Google Apps for Business & more) OWNED by you (but setup and configured by us).

Are you an outsourced bookkeeping service?

If you consider a contract, part-time, independent local bookkeeper to be ‘outsourced’, then yes you could give us that label. We’re no more an ‘outsourced service provider’ than your ‘outsourced’ bank or tax accountant or insurance agent. Simply put, we’re a Bookkeeping Service Provider that makes every effort to feel Like-A-Local bookkeeper.

Where are you located and in what states do you provide services?

We are headquartered in Colorado and provide our services to clients in all 50 states. We are proud to offer Like-A-Local™ bookkeeping services that make you feel like we are just down the street!

Are you virtual, online or cloud bookkeepers?

No. We don’t like those terms as they mean different things, in different situations, to different people at different times. We have REAL PEOPLE, sitting at REAL DESKS, using REAL COMPUTERS. There is nothing ‘virtual’ or ‘online’ or ‘cloud-y’ about them!

On the technical side, yes, we use the Internet and various highly secure online (or cloud-based to use a newer term) applications – such as QuickBooks Online – to provide our service. But that’s just the IT platform. Our people are REAL – call us by phone and a REAL person will answer!

Are your staff U.S. based?

Yes. Our staff - bookkeepers, accountants, CPAs - are ALWAYS based in the U.S.  

How long have you been in business?

We started working with clients in 2013. More importantly, our executives and advisors have decades and decades of experience running large, service-oriented, financially-driven businesses. We put our experience to work for you.

How long does it take for you to be live as our bookkeepers?

That can happen in a matter of a few days: less time than it takes to find, hire, and train a bookkeeper! Or, we can schedule a fixed switchover date that works best for you.

What happens if we decide to take our bookkeeping back in-house, or generally want to use an alternative solution at some future date?

Naturally, we hope you never choose to be an ‘ex-client’! But we understand the question and are setup to make it as painless as possible. Namely, you will already own your QuickBooks account PLUS all your electronic records PLUS we’ll even assist our replacements (honest!) We definitely would not want you to leave, but if you choose to we’ll make it as easy as possible. Anything less just wouldn’t be professional.

How much does it really cost and how much can we save?

We are very open about our hourly pricing and we contractually commit to it. Once you choose the service-level (and associated turnaround and response times) you want to sign up for, we can guarantee there are no ‘hidden costs.’ As for savings, it clearly will depend on how much you are paying today for the amount of bookkeeping work you need done. But we never expect your savings to be less than 50% of your existing costs.

What is a ‘transaction?’

A transaction is any of the following bookkeeping activities that we enter into QuickBooks®:

  • Bill, Bill Credit, Bill Payment, Check, Credit card charge, Credit card credit, Invoice, Statement charge, Credit memo, Payment received from customer, Sales tax payment, Sales receipt, Deposit, Transfer of funds, General journal entry, Estimate, Purchase order, Receipt of items received with a bill, Inventory assembly build, Setting up a new general ledger account, Setting up a new item (payroll or regular item), Setting up a new class, Setting up a new vendor, Setting up a new customer, Setting up a new employee , Setting up a new template

How much do you actually charge?

The straightforward answer is that we choose not to publish pricing information on our Web site. We are happy to disclose our pricing to you but we don’t want to give ‘competitors’ free advice. Contact us and we will set up a convenient time for you to walk you through a Q&A session to determine all costss. It only takes about half an hour of your time, so it is certainly worth it!

Are you affiliated with Intuit®?

We are approved Intuit® ProAdvisors! But Intuit is not in an investor nor does it have any other interest in QuickerBookkeepers. However, our executives have spent significant time consulting with Intuit at an executive level, so we do have a deeper connection to (or understanding of) Intuit than your typical bookkeeper.

Who are your partners?

We and our staff are proud to be associated with:

  • Intuit
  • Google
  • American Insititute of Certified Public Bookkeepers
  • National Bookkeepers Association

Will I have ongoing access to my books and records?

Absolutely! You will be setup as a member of our ‘external network’ or extranet. You will have online access to QuickBooks as well as the folders with all your electronic records. Everything will be readily available through your secure, online dashboard!

Will I have an Account Manager?

Yes. Your Account Manager will actually be a true, qualified, experienced CPA – licensed, regulated, and all!

Are your bookkeepers qualified?

Definitely. And we provide ongoing training as well. You can think of it this way: given that we guarantee response times and take responsibility to eliminate errors, all for a fixed fee, we cannot afford to have unqualified staff. Period.

Will you call my vendors to discuss their invoices and resolve any issues?

Yes. Your Account Manager will typically be the one who calls to resolve any questions or issues with them. We will leave messages and notes for you in QuickBooks, or update you via email.

Will you call my customers to discuss any payment issues?

Maybe – but usually NO. We will only do that with your explicit permission on a case-by-case basis. We could do it, of course, but we really do NOT want to get between you and your customers. However, if required, we can also offer collection services (but hopefully you don’t need to go there!).

How will you communicate with me or my staff?

We will provide you with what is known as ‘multi-channel’ access or communications to our staff – meaning phone, email, fax, chat, or text. Connect with us from your home, office, or mobile phone. Whatever works best for you!

What types of records do you accept from us?

We accept any and all types of records. Paper, fax, scanned documents, PDFs, email attachments, uploads to online folders, point-of-sale system databases, operational system databases, and more. Heck, we even give you tools to take photos with your smart phone!

Will our data be secure?

Yes, guaranteed! We use the highest levels of security at our data centers and across all applications. Feeling technical? Ask our staff for detailed specs!

Will our data be backed up?

Yes! Your data will be backed up daily at a minimum, and some of our systems are even backed up instantly. You don’t need to worry about backing up your books – or your records – anymore!

Do you provide training?

Yes. We will provide free online training on the tools you need to use as a client of ours. But it’s really not difficult - if you can handle email you’re almost there. Need QuickBooks training? We can provide that as well for a fee.

Can we print, sign and mail our checks locally?

Sure! We can provide and manage online payment services, but if you want to print checks in your office and sign & mail them yourself, that is how we will set up the system for you.

Do you provide payroll services?

Yes. We can provide it directly – using QuickBooks and its tools – along with Direct Deposits and online tax withholding payments. Or we can use a Preferred Partner. We will present the options and costs to you and you can decide!

Can you provide references?

Absolutely! While we greatly respect our clients’ time, we know they are willing to share their successful experiences with QuickerBookkeepers.

How do we get started?

Simply call us at 1-855-QWKR-BKS (1-855-795-7257). We will explain our services in as much detail as you’d like, and help you choose the right level of service for you.